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The Installation Process

How We Do It

Setting up the scaffolding allows easy access of hard to reach places. This ensures we can carry out the work on your property with the utmost care and accuracy.

00. Getting Started

First we remove the first row of tiles from around your property. We cut approximately 4 inches off your existing roofing felt. It is usually sagging, broken or damaged and in need of replacing. (Sagging felt lets water into the eaves, it can cause damp problems and roof condensation)

01. Roof Tile Removal 

Our experienced crafts-men also deal with the removal of unwanted visitors, such as old wasp and bird nests. We ensure that any remaining debris and rubbish is cleared from your roof.

01a. Unwanted Visitors Removed

With the gutter removed, you can see how the damaged felt has allowed water to rot the top of your existing wooden fascia board. With the gutter fitted, this is not easy to see until it is too late. The fascia board is usually the one which is the most rotten on your property. We remove all your existing wooden fascias and soffits. We inspect the ends of the rafters and replace as required.

02. Assess the damage

Now our team of craftsman install your new UPVC fascias and soffits. The UPVC which we use is a thick, hard wearing material that will never rot or need painting. Now we install your unique over fascia ventilation system. This allows air into your roof which will ensure adequate ventilation is maintained throughout the year.

03. Install Fascias & Soffits

After fitting your new guttering, we water test the system. This ensures there are no leaks and the gutter runs properly after a heavy downpour. Now we fit our unique eaves protection birdguard system (where applicable). The eaves protection prevents water ponding on your roof felt under the first row of tiles. The birdguard moulds itself to the profile pattern of the roof tile, keeping birds out of your roof all year round.

04. Water Test

We remove all the old cement and verge from down the edges of your gables and re-verge, rebed and repoint  them. As well as serving the purpose of keeping the tiles on you roof, it really does add to the finish of the installation.

05. Re-Verging & Re-Pointing.

Continuous Dry Verge is available in white, brown or black. Individual Dry Verge is available in white, brown or black and is an alternative to repointing the gable ends. This is down to your personal choice and which one you, the customer, think will best suit your property.

06. Dry Verge Fitting

We inspect and clean all fascias, soffits and gutters to ensure a perfect installation every time. Finally we sweep up any remaining dust and debris leaving your property clean and tidy.

07. Finishing Touches

Whilst working on your home, our policies are strictly no smoking and no radios!

Before & After

What We've Done

I was very impressed with the workmen, their workmanship, tidiness and manners were excellent. The whole project was completed on time and on budget. I would highly recommend this company!

Full refit of Soffits, fascias and guttering

Margaret in South Yorkshire

Our process is as easy as ABC.

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