Briar Grove



Altofts Lodge Drive (13)

Altofts Lodge Drive (8)

Bosworth Avenue

Bransdale Avenue

Bransdale Court

Bransdale Walk

Church Road (5)

Churchfield Croft (5)

Eskdale Close

Foxholes Lane (5)

Garforth Drive

Kings Avenue

Langdale Avenue

Langdale Drive

Lee Brigg

Priory Close

Rose Farm Approach

Rose Farm Close

Rose Farm Fold

Rose Farm Rise

Ryedale Close

Ryedale Place (2)

Saunters Way

Station Road

St Marys Avenue (6)

The Crescent



Batley Road

Charles Cotton Close

Larkspur Way

Lindale Mount (3)

St Pauls Walk



Douglas Avenue

Fort Ann Road

Oakwell Avenue

Manor Farm Drive

Wayne Close

Calder Grove


Grove Park (5)

Kirkdale Walk

Rockwood Crescent

Primrose Lane



Main Street


Carr Gate

Carr Gate Crescent (4)

Carr Gate Mount

Lawns Lane (2)



Wood Lane


Cold Hiendley

Ryhill Pits Lane



Aberfield Drive (2)

Blacker Lane

Church View (3)

Fishponds Drive (4)

High Street

Hopewell Way (2)

Manor Farm Road

Moor View

Rose Garth

Tavy Stock Way

Woodmoor Close

Woodmoor Drive (3)

Woodmoor Rise (2)



Ashdene Avenue (4)

Ashdene Crescent (2)

Ashdene Drive

Ashdene Garth

Brandhill Drive

Cambridge Crescent (14)

Churchfields (6)

Church Way (3)

Cock Lane (3)

Doncaster Road (6)

Fernlea Drive

Greenside Court (3)

Hall Park Avenue (8)

Harrison Road (2)

High Street

Kendal Drive (2)

Kendal Rise

Kingsley Avenue

Lovell View

Meadowfields Drive (5)

Meadowfields Road

Oak Street (2)

Parkway (7)

Parkways (3)

Pinfold Drive

Priory Ridge (3)

Rose Garth

Rutland Drive (6)

Sandown Avenue (2)

Shay Court (2)

Shay Lane

Smithy Close

Springhilll Avenue (6)

Springhill Drive (6)

Springhill Grove 

Springhill Mount

Thorntree Avenue

Towers Close (3)

Towers Lane

Wentworth Drive (8)

Wentworth Rise




Almscliffe Avenue (2)

Chadwick Crescent

Chidswell Lane

Church Lane

Douglas Avenue

Elm Road

Leeds Road (2)

Leith Court

Squirrel Close

Squirrel Hall Drive

Sugar Lane

Ullswater Avenue



Broadacres (4)

Durkar Fields (6)

Durkar Low Lane (3)

Gillion Crescent (2)

Green Acres (3)

Hollin Drive

Howard Crescent (4)

Kenton Drive (2)

Kingfisher Close

Ledguard Drive (8)

Lee Crescent (3)

Maybury Avenue (4)

Orchard Drive (3)

The Close (2)

Woodhall Close



Thirlmere Road



Manor House Farm

Meadow View

New Hall Way

Rutland Road

The Russett

Grange Moor


Denby Lane



Branstone Grove


High Street

North Cote

Hall Green


Hollingthorpe Avenue

Hollingthorpe Grove

Hollingthorpe Road (5)

Moorside Crescent

Stoney Lane



Dale Lane



First Avenue Horbury (2)

Gagewell Drive (4)

Hall Cliffe Road

Hall Cliffe Grove

Hall Cliffe Crescent (3)

Hawkingcroft Road

Highfield Road (2)

Jenkin Lane

Kenchurchill Drive

Laburnum Grove (5)

North Avenue

Northfield Lane (2)

Park Grove

Park Street

Parklands Avenue

Parklands Drive

Quarry Hill (2)

Rayner Street

Second Avenue (3)

Shelley Court

Stannard Well Lane (2)

The Sycamores

Westfield Court



Batley Road (4)

Brandy Carr Road (13)

Pippins Green Avenue (11)



Dodworth Drive

Humley Road



Church Road



Green Lane (3)

Greenmoor Avenue

Greenmoor Close (2)

High Brook Fall

Leeds Road

Meadowgate Croft

Ouzlewell Green (6)

Park Avenue

Potters Croft (2)

Pymont Court


Ridings Mews

Rhodes Gardens (2)

Westgate Lane

Winden Close (2)

Woolford Way (3)


Lupset Park

Airedale Heights (4)

Aysgarth Close

Cleveland Avenue

Cleveland Garth (2)

Cleveland Grove (6)

Cumbrian Way (8)

Esther Grove

Grampian Avenue

Hillside Close

Lennox Drive (4)

Pentland Grove (3)



Kingsley Avenue



Beechwood Avenue

Bracken Close

Dunbottle Close

Ebor Gardens

Fernhurst Road

Norman Drive

Norman Road


Water Royd Avenue

West Royd Avenue

West Royd Grove

Wilson Road



Danesleigh Drive (2)

Old Road

Stonecliffe Drive

Water Lane (4)



Blacker Lane (2)

Coxley Crescent (3)

Coxley View (8)

Glenfields (2)

Hall Croft (3)


Meadow Vale

Netherfield Avenue

Southfields View

Upper Lane (2)


Newton Hill

Hedley Crescent

Grey Close

Leeds Road (2)

Newton Close (4)

Newton Green (2)

Willow Green



Ashfield Street


Falmouth Crescent

Foster Avenue

Newfield Avenue

Newfield Close

Newlaithes Crescent

Shaw Avenue

Snydale Avenue

Snydale Grove

South Street

Tintagel Court



Aston Court

Athold Drive (4)

Barmby Close (3)

Beech Court

Birchen Avenue (4)

Birchen Hills

Broadgate (2)

Broad View (2)

Broadowler Lane

Brooke Close

Brooklands Court

Crownlands Lane


Dimple Wells Close (6)

Fairfield Avenue (3)

Fairfield Drive

Fairfield Gardens (4)

Fearnley Drive (3)

Field Lane

Goring Park Avenue

Grange Drive (3)

Greatfield Close

Greatfield Drive (3)

Greatfield Road (2)

Greenfield Road (3)

Green Park Avenue (3)

Grove Street (2)

Hall Close

Hirstlands Drive (2)

Healey Drive (4)

Heather Close

Kings Close

Kings Lea


Kingsway (7)

Kingsway Close (4)

Kings Paddock

Longlands Drive

Longlands Road (12)

Manor Drive

Manor Lane

Manor Road

Manor Close

Mapplewell Crescent

Mayfield Court (2)

Netherley Brow

Nettleton Street (2)

Park Gardens (2)

Park Green Avenue (3)

Pildacre Brow

Princess Road

Queens Drive

Queens Gardens

Queen Street (2)

Roundwood Road

South Parade

Sowood Lane

Spa Croft Road (4)

Spring View (4)

Stoneleigh Grove

Storrs Hill Road (2)

St Peters Gate

Teall Court (4)

Teall Street (2) 

Town Fold (2)

Towngate (8) 

Towngate (11)

Tumbling Close (2) 

Valley View Road (3)

Wakefield Road

Wheatroyd Crescent 

Whitley Spring Crescent (6)

Whitley Spring Road

Willow Grove



Bevin Crescent

Brackenwood Road

Chandlers Close

Church Lane (2)

Clayton Rise (2)

Grangewood Court 

Grey Court

Grey Street

Kingsley Avenue

Kingsley Close

Kingsley Garth

Langdale Avenue

Monkwood Road (3)

Moxon Street

Royds Grove (3)

Ryecroft Close (5)

Sheridan Street

Vicarage Close

Victoria Approach

Victoria Way (4) 



Green Lane (2)

Green Lane Close

Highfield Crescent

Old Road (2)

Wood Mount (3)

Woodhall Close


Pinders Heath

Barleyfields Close

Birch Tree Close

Coppice Close

Haldane Crescent

Speak Close



Sunnyside Avenue



Attlee Crescent


Carr Lane

Castle Crescent

Castle View

Chevet Grove

Finch Avenue

Heron Drive

Lime Crescent

Linnett Grove

Mallard Avenue

Manygates Lane

Marriot Grove

Milnthorpe Drive

Mountbatten Avenue

Newlyn Drive

Pledwick Crescent

Pledwick Grove

Pledwick Lane

Roberts Way

Roger Drive

Rosedale Avenue

Sandal Cliff

Sinclair Garth

South Drive

St Helens Grove

Stillwell Grove

Stopford Avenue

Stopford Garth

Swallow Garth

Swift Way

The Spinney

The Russetts

Walton Lane

Wavell Garth

Wavell Grove

Wentworth Way

Wingate Croft

Wingate Grove

Woodthorpe Drive

Woodthorpe Park Drive

Woolgreaves Avenue

Woolgreaves Close

Woolgreaves Drive

Woolgreaves Garth



West Lane



Aberford Road

Ash Grove

Ash Lea

Ash Street

Baker Lane

Beaumont Street

Clarke Hall Road

Coney Warren Lane

Croxall Drive

Ferry Lane

Finkin Lane

Gainsborough Way

Hargreaves Avenue

Intake Close

Keats Grove

Lakelock Drive

Lakelock Grove

Lee Moor Road

Moor Avenue

Moorhouse Grove

Mount Road

Newlands Avenue

Newlands Drive

Newlands Walk

Noon Close

Parkside Lane

Queensbury Avenue

Rae Court

Riverdale Avenue

Riverdale Crescent

Riverdale Drive

Riverdale Road

Rogers Court

Tennyson Avenue

Wordsworth Grove


St Johns

Cliff Park Avenue

Cyprus Avenue

Cyprus Grove

St Johns Mount



Bradford Road

Broadcroft Grove

Crabtree Way

Greenwood Road

Haigh Moor Avenue (2)

Haigh Moor Crescent

Haigh Moor Road (3)

Heatherdale Drive

Heatherdale Road

Holly Court

Landseer Avenue

Meadow Way

Perth Drive (2)

Poppleton Road

Redhill Avenue

Redhill Drive

Rein Road

Rembrandt Avenue (2)

Ryedale Way (4)

St Marys Close (6)

Syke Gardens

The Croft (2)

Tingley Crescent

Westerton Road

Wharfedale Rise (9)



Field Lane

Fernleigh Court

Haigh Moor Road

Sycamore Copse

Thornbury Park

Thornes Road

Thornes Moor Avenue

Thornes Moor Close

Thornes Moor Drive

Thornes Moor Road

Thornleigh Avenue

Thornleigh Garth



Highfield Gardens

Highfield Mount

St Michaels Close

Valley Road

Upper Hopton


Jackroyd Lane



Cliff Park Avenue

Darnley Avenue

Oakleigh Avenue

Sycamore Copse

Woodland Rise



Beech Croft

Cherry Tree Crescent

Cherry Tree Road

Chestnut Avenue

Elmwood Avenue

Elmwood Drive

Elmwood Garth

Manor Crescent

Manor Rise

School Lane

Shay Lane

The Balk

The Grove

Thornhill Close

Thornhill Croft

Thornhill Drive

Walton Station Lane

Waterton Close



Bradford Road

Cliff Park Avenue

Cricketers Approach

Danella Grove

Dean Close

Dunn Close

Furness Avenue

Greenfield Close

Greenfield Mount

Harewood Drive

Jerry Clay Drive (2)

Keren Grove

Lindale Grove

Lindale Lane (2)

Lindale Mount (2)

Lombardy Garth

Lyndale Drive (3)

Mount Avenue (2)

Patterson Court (2)

Potovens Lane

Ruskin Avenue (3)

Silcoates Avenue (2)

Silcoates Lane (5)

Silcoates Street (3)

Sunny Hill Close

Sunny Hill Croft (2)

The Mount (9)

The Orchard

Thompson Drive (4)

Valley Drive


Westways Close

Windsor Crescent (2)

Woodside Avenue (7)

Wrenthorpe Lane (3)

Wrenthorpe Road



Woodkirk Gardens



High Street

The Paddock


East Ardsley

Bradford Road

Cherry Tree Walk

High Woodlands

Hopefield Court