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Guttering and Fascias Near Me

Guttering and Fascias Near Me

The Dangers of Poor Gutter Maintenance

If you’ve been Googling “guttering and fascias near me” then the chances are, your guttering needs some TLC. But when it comes to your guttering and fascias, prevention is always better than cure. So, with that in mind, we’ve put together some of the risks associated with letting the condition of your guttering degrade.


Damage to Roofs


If you have a flat roof, then it’s essential that your guttering is in good condition to help water drain away. If water is unable to drain properly because a gutter is clogged or damaged, then the weight of the water builds up which can cause the roof serious damage. So, remove those leaves that have built up for peace of mind and a structurally-sound roof.


Leaks/Damp in Your Property


Clogged and damaged guttering can also lead to water damage in your property. Water can seep into cracks in the wall if it pools, whilst similarly, an overflowing gutter can lead water to run down and onto less protected parts of the walls beneath it. If you’ve ever had water damage at home, you’ll know just how painful it can be, both in terms of ruining personal possessions, and on your wallet. Don’t take the risk, clean those gutters!


The Potential for Pests


The more organic material and detritus that gathers in your guttering, the more appealing it is for pests and rodents. It looks like a nice spot in which to burrow, particularly in the colder months. Nobody wants an infestation of pests on their property, and the best way of avoiding one is to keep your gutters clean of material and flowing properly.


Blocked Drainage


If your gutter gets clogged up with assorted bits of debris, then this can work its way down the downpipe and into the drainage system around your property, in turn blocking them. This can lead to water pooling, stagnating and just generally causing a pretty unpleasant situation you’d rather avoid.


Final Thoughts


Unfortunately, if your gutters have seen better days, then it might well be time to get searching for “guttering and fascias near me” into your search engine. Fortunately, however, we can save you the hassle of searching for a contractor and doing all your guttering replacement work for you! Just give us a call on 01226 208080, we’d love to hear from you.


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