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Fascias on a House

Fascias on a House

Common Problems With Fascias on a House

The humble fascia is something most of us don’t think about day to day. But the fascias on a house help protect a property from weather damage, something which is unfortunately all too common here in the UK! As durable as these boards are, though, they do occasionally experience some issues. With that in mind, we’ve put together some of the problems commonly associated with fascias.


1. Deterioration Over Time


Even well-made fascia boards will eventually deteriorate in condition over time, particularly in the case of wooden fascia boards which, when exposed to the elements, can warp and become damaged. Exposure to both cold, icy conditions and humidity place stress on your fascia boards (cracks from freeze/thaw processes, for instance), and sometimes, it’s just a case that they’ve maximised their healthy lifespan and need replacing.


As time passes, you may well notice their appearance worsens, too, with discolouring, chips and splinters all possible with older fascia boards. So, it’s not just from a practical perspective that you’ll want to consider replacing your fascia boards, but from an aesthetic point of view as well.


2. Poor Installation


Unfortunately, there are some traders out there that don’t offer the kind of reliable, highly-skilled service that contractors such as ourselves take such pride in. A dodgy installation of fascias on a house will often present itself in the form of loose, wobbly boards, or ‘overcladding’.


This is when rotting, warped wooden fascias have simply had a cosmetic fix in the form of a new vinyl, uPVC or aluminium fascia being placed on top of the existing timber. And whilst this might look the part, the underlying issues of moist, rotting wood hasn’t been addressed, and this moisture can ultimately seep into your property causing water damage.


3. Animal Damage


Both rodents (rats, mice and voles, for instance) and insects often take shelter around your guttering and fascia boards. This issue usually compounds an existing water damage issue, as the gaps and crevices that might’ve appeared due to warping from water make an ideal entry point for these animals to enter. From there, they’ll typically then proceed to damage your fascia board.


Final Thoughts


Fascias on a house are subject to several risks, including poor installation, animal damage and even the ravages of time. If you think your fascias, guttering or soffits need looking at, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. If you’re looking for quality, value and service, then look no further.

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