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Fascias and Guttering

Fascias and Guttering

What are the Different Types of Fascias and Guttering?

Although simple in design, there are many different types of fascias and guttering to suit all properties. Ranging in both style and material, the fascias and guttering you have installed will depend on a variety of factors, including your personal preference. In today’s article, we’ll be looking at the various types of fascias and guttering.


What are the Different Types of Fascias?


Fascia boards are the lengths of boards that is located on the lower part of a roof. Generally speaking, there are three materials from which most fascias are made: aluminum, wood and uPVC.


Aluminum offers durability and versatility but is expensive. Wooden fascias are great for traditional properties and are typically the most sustainable of choices, but can be high maintenance. UPVC fascias are the most affordable fascias and offer great durability, however, they’re arguably less attractive than the two other types.


What are the Different Guttering Types?


Unlike fascias, whose different types mainly revolve around the material from which they’re made, when it comes to guttering, there are also different styles and shapes, too (as well as a variety of guttering materials).


There are several main guttering types, including: box gutters, half-round and K-style gutters. Box gutters are named as such, unsurprisingly, because of their square/rectangular shape. Because of their shape, box gutters are well-suited to contemporary homes, and because of their shape, they can also typically drain large volumes of water.


K-style gutters (sometimes also called ogee gutters) are vaguely shaped like the letter K (but only very vaguely, in truth). Their advantages include the fact they can be directly mounted onto the adjoining fascia board, and that they require less brackets than certain other gutter types. Half-round gutters are semi-circular in shape, are easy to clean and suit many older properties. In terms of materials, most guttering is made from either uPVC, aluminum or steel.


Final Thoughts


If you’re looking to have new fascias and guttering installed, then we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with Just-Fascias today by filling out one of our online enquiry forms here. With almost two decades of industry experience, ours is a firm you can trust.

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